Why Choose SAP - FOX Consulting?


Which set of SAP application or solution do I need?

SAP Transformation Navigator looks at your current product map and takes into account your preferences regarding Public Cloud or On Premise to come up with clear recommendations for your future Product Map. In addition to looking at pure landscape transformation, it also supports your business transformation. Your business is evolving and you now need new and different business capabilities. Simply choose them from the predefined and industry specific list and the products needed to run them are added to your future Product Map.  For changes in your product map we provide information about integration, SAP transformation services.


What’s the business value attached? – Value Aspiration

Each transformation program needs a solid business case based on business value. SAP Transformation Navigator helps you  to make this case by showing the value drivers that are influenced by our SAP Solutions. This builds the bridge to SAP Value Lifecycle Manager to run a Quick Value Assessment and a robust business case.


How do I actually transform from today’s world to the digital future? – Transformation Journey

As the final step, the SAP Transformation Navigator gives you a clear overview over your current product, the assigned recommended product and the specific transition type and with that depicts a list of the required transformation projects.

Although IT is certainly the main driver of a digital transformation journey, this journey won’t be successful or can’t even start, when the rest of the organization is not included. With its collaborative approach SAP Transformation Navigator helps you to engage with the entire organization.


The professionals of our team have been involved in business technology innovation projects since 2000, so we have been working for 18 years in new product development, Competitive Business Management, ERP, new market research, economic feasibility studies, Trade External / Export, Workshops, outsourcing, incorporating IT Services, strengthening creativity, motivation, entrepreneurship, synergy of production processes, professional qualification, quality in the customer service and increased productivity.


Get in touch with us: SAP Transformation Navigator is present at all major SAP Events, next ones are SAP TechEds in Las Vegas, Bangalore and Barcelona.

Additional sources: Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlmhmE02KVI

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