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Agribusiness has become increasingly important in the economy of many countries, especially Brazil. This process is closely associated with the pursuit of productivity and efficiency, which requires an ever-intensive use of high technology. And so Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and other innovations become strategic.

Banking & Financial Services

The Three Pillars are essential to provide a consistent omni-channel journey. Product management brings agility to customer offerings that are independent of the core product houses. Customer experience provides flexible and fine-grained personalization. Industry-relevant processes allow for quick time-to-market. Pillars reside on top of the proven financial services data model and cross-industry SAP Commerce Cloud platform foundation.


SAP Education helps companies accelerate the return on SAP investments and achieve business goals through a skilled and informed workforce:

• The application of 1.5% of the cost of the project in training improves the success of the project by 30%

• Each dollar spent on training yields an approximate 15% gain in productivity

• Employees mention lack of IT skills as a negative impact on productivity (41%), customer involvement (32%) and security (31%).

Energy and Oil & Gas

Today’s upstream oil & gas companies are looking for new ways to streamline their business to better evaluate new ventures and increase their speed to market. SAP technology can deliver these benefits to energy companies operating in high-risk, capital-intensive environments, yet significant time and resources are needed to implement SAP. The increased complexity of production environments is driving the need to improve access to real-time data and analytics across the value chain.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 can solve key challenges facing manufacturers – from extreme supply, demand, and design variability, to emerging markets of one, to the growing need for rapid innovation. Leveraging the principles of Industry 4.0 – andits enabling technologies to automate, integrate, and optimize manufacturing processes – companies can shorten cycle times, improve product quality, and implement efficiency across their operations, as well as grow the manufacturing of highly customized products on a global scale.

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